Sleeping with a Skeleton

Sleeping with a Skeleton

by Brod Bagert

There’s a skeleton in my bed,
it’s as quiet as can be,
and we sleep together every night,
that skeleton and me.

Bones and joints and cartilage,
a scary work of art,
with ligaments and tendons
so it doesn’t fall apart.

A skull all full of skeleton teeth
each one a different size,
with a single hole for the skeleton nose
and two for the skeleton eyes.

It’s covered up with muscle and skin,
which makes it hard to see,
but it’s always right there in my bed
right there inside of me.

I sleep with a skeleton every night.
Don’t laugh, you know it’s true.
There’s a skeleton inside of me,
just like the one in you.


Copyright 2014 Brod Bagert