Giant Children

Giant Children

There’s a turtle named Jaws and a dinosaur canary, an alien playing Spaceball and a no-show tooth fairy. A buffalo’s in the library chomping on the books, and a princess has karate skills that rival her good looks.

These characters and many more are found in this rambunctious and irresistible collection of poems that look at our world through a child’s wide eyes . Giant Children is full to bursting with inspiration, playfulness, and above all, giggles.

“Bagert’s inspired silliness keeps it simple and that’s just the way young readers like it. This book is filled with poems that are fun to read aloud, pitched perfect for a child’s ear and heart. Tedd Arnold’s cartoonish illustrations, done in colored pencil and watercolor washes, provide a lively visual accompaniment for Bagert’s broad comedy.”

The Times-Picayune

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